Wrong Turn 2 (2007) Film Explained in Hindi_Urdu _ Wrong Turn Dead End Summarized हिन्दी – English

 The movie begins with Kimberly, a contestant on her way to the West Virginia forest to film a survival reality show. She was on the phone with her manager at the time, who was telling her where she was. She arrives at the crossroads. Her bosses ask her to choose the paper factory route. And she drives her car towards it. 

Coming on this rourt, her call is disconnected. When she checks mobile, it is out of signal. While checking mobile, a man is hit with her car coming in front of it. She is gone upset and getting off the car, she goes to check him. And she is praying for his life. 

He was still alive with short breaths. She wanted to help him. Coming near him, she is caught  by him. Biting on her lower lip, he detaches it and chews. Kimberly is Twisting in pain. She attempts to escape from there but faces one more mutant who catches her. And That mutant was three fingers. Standing Kimberly straight , he splits her into two parts with axe.

 Both leave separately taking her singly part. and this scene is very disturbing. After that,  retired COL named Dale Murphy is shown who was hosting the reality show in the West Virginia forest. The show name is The Apocalypse. This show involves 6 participants including Kimberly but could not reach. Because she was victimized by the mutants. A boy named Michel was dealing the show. And he was also the directer of show.All are ready for shooting but Kimberly is still absent from there. Michel decides to start the shooting without her. And he requests to show’s second producer Mara to be the sixth contestant of this show and she agrees. They set cameras throughout the forest so they keep an eye on all contestants. 

They also fix camera on every contestant. Then they start shooting. Dale assigns them a strange task of searching food in the forest. He divides the 6 contestants into a separate team. Telling all rules, their show is started. In the footage through the fixed camera in RV , we view Neil who is toileting at that time. Meanwhile, three finger mutant catches him coming from the backside. And he kills him cutting his throat. After that, we see Dale who is making the set up of game standing in the forest. He finds his vehicle punctured with the pricked arrow in its tyre as he comes back to it. After that,  someone also darts arrows on him. Saving himself, he hides behind the trees. In front of him, three fingers mutant throws an axe on him. He survives from axe and he brings out the knife throwing it to three fingers mutant. It stabs his chest exactly leaving no effects. And he licks his own blood stained knife. And suddenly one more mutant arrives there. He leaves Dale senseless hitting him at the backside.

 On the other side, Michel who is shooting team A. Aiming to make his channel famous, He wanted to show the whole World the other things  with the survival reality. But Jake forbids to do as such.He says my family will also be viewer. Saying it, he leaves from there. But Elena did not want to miss this chance . She wanted to be prominent in the show. So she tempts Michel. Elena and Mara are assigned a task. This task was to go near the river for its completion. 

Running, they come near the rive hurriedly. And Mara moves forward to complete this task. And she completes the task in a split of a second. But looking at Michel and Elena , she is disheartened. Because she was doing all that for Michael. She is saddened , on it Elena gets across her. Amber and Jonesy sees a BBQ And they consider it their task. and they leave lifting it with the help of cloth. Mara wanted to leave the area, so she walks in front of a house. She enters the house in order to locate a telephone. In the house, they observe the photos of the 4 distorted people including Pa,  Ma, sister and brother.

 They were very dangerous mutants. As they are looking all these photos, someone enters screaming. And they see at a glance stealthily. There is mother and sister. Mother was suffering the delivery pain. Sister lays her on the table and she breeds a child. That child was very horrible. Elena and Mara were observing them, suddenly sister glances at them. She is nearly to pounce them,they close the door, taking the support of bed, they shut it forcefully.

 Outside, however, sister is slamming the door. All of the windows are securely shut. They are distressed having no way of escapism. They don’t understand what should be done? So they have to come outside through the toilet hole. They are running hastily to rescue their lives. But noticing them, Pa throws an axe which strikes on the head of Mara. Elena does not stop there to save her and flees. Coming there, Pa brings out the axe from Mara’s head and pursues Elena. Elena is hidden there and tries hard to save her life.

 On the other side,Ma comes there to take Pa by truck. and she has fastened Mara on the truck. Chewing her finger, she throws it away. And that finger falls exactly near Elena. Nina tries to keep quite by placing her hand on her mouth. As those cannibals leave, Elena also escapes. Michel goes to RV leaving that place. And Elena is left back alone. Brother is noticing Elena for a long time and at the exact time , sister also arrives there. And seeing her, she feels jealousy and begins to beat her brother. As Elena is escaping, sister chases her holding a knife. She attacks on her back with knife many times. She injures her as violently as her spine is visible.

 And she is dead at the spot. Coming into conscious, Dale finds himself hanging upside down. Three finger is in front of him who is making dinner while cutting Neil. Meanwhile, Pa and Ma arrive by truck. They leave after placing Mara’s body there. Three finger is nearly murdering Dale but Dale frees himself wounding him. Dale is a brave soldier and he courageously face Three finger. At last, snatching the gun from Three finger, he shoots him. Coming into RV , Michel is checking all cameras. Suddenly driving of RV start automatically. Michel thinks that Neil is deriving it but  RV is being driven by Ma and Pa. And they seize Michel. And Pa leaves him injured beating too much. On the other side, Amber, Jonesy and Jake are enjoying the BBQ. Elena is much worried and reaches there trembling.

Revealing everything, she says, we should not stay here even for a single minute. Jonesy takes it the acting part of show and she is dramatizing. Then suddenly Amber notices the Kimberly’s tattoo on the BBQ which they are eating. They are actually eating the leg of Kimberly and know about it. Observing it, they don’t stop there and leave the place. Coming to RV, they find nothing. Then they decide to move towards paper mill saving their lives Dale also searches that house in which he meets Mnard. Mnard is the owner of gas station in the part of movie.

 Dale is stitching his wounds inside. Mnard tells him about the mutants. He tells that these mutants are the production of the inbreeding and chemical waste of paper mill . As he knows that Three finger has been murdered by Dale, he attacks on him saying that Three finger was my son. Dale picks the kept dynamite there and he touches it with Mnard. There is a big blast and Mnard is scattered into small pieces. After that, Dale prepares him for a fight with the mutants collecting all equipments. They all four person are searching for that mill. Then they hear the screaming sound from forest. They are brother and sister who pursue them seeing. Nina shows the vanity again and escaps leaving them. They all three face them and escape after fighting. while running, Nina falls into a pit.

 She tries to come outside but entraps there. Nina is a self seeker, she was escaped leaving all behind. Inspite of this, Jake decides to search her. He sends Amber and Jonesy towards mill saying we will meet there. He himself goes for searching Nina. He runs for Nina’s help as he hears her shriek. Searching, he rescues her successfully.

 But his shoulder is fractured. They hear the sound of coming truck so run. While running, they reach at the last brink. There is a river at the below side. The sister soon reaches there firing on them. They have no other way to rescue them so jump into the river. Amber and Jonesy are running and Jonesy is entrapped. While rescuing him, Amber is also caught in this trap. At the same time, Pa and Ma also reach there. Pa is targeting them but gives the chance to brother. Brother kills him with his first attack. Nina and Jake approaches at mill with a great effort. They find a little girl skeleton in a cupboard and Nina is afraid seeing it. She thinks about little girl as she had hidden here from mutants. And she died while waiting. Frightened Nina begins to leave but Jake holds her. And he says that Jonesy and Amber are nearly to come here. We should wait for them. They notice the number of cars of sufferers. Their RV was also their where the shrieking of Michael was coming continuously.

 They both move ahead to save his life. As Jake goes inside , he sees a live video of Michael. And Ma murders him mercilessly. Then Jack comes to know as this is a trap for them. But the time was passed, they also catch both of them. Coming into senses, Nina finds herself tied before dinning table. And Jake was in hanging posture. Then there is a time of dinner for that family and they pray before it. Brother puts the food into Nina’s mouth forcefully. Here we know that factory was their actual house. Ma throws the left part of body into the grinding machine. And Dale is covertly observing her. Coming outside, Dale’s act of moving creates sound. On it, everyone is alert and starts searching him. Dale blows up the brother and sister with the dynamite entrapping them. Nina tries to free her inside. Meanwhile,  Dale frees her reaching there. Afterward, he also unties Jake. Ma And Pa also arrive there at that time.

 And they lose their temper when they see their kids splitting up. Pa darts the arrow on Dale for many times. But he was muscular man. Ma throws a sharp tool on him that is wrapped round on his neck cutting it. His blood flows much and he is dead at the spot . Nina escapes from that mill with a great struggle. But Jake mistakenly enters the room of grinding machine. Ma and Pa also go there and tries their best to throw him into the grinding machine. Nina hears the shrieking of Jake. And she goes there for his help and biting on the neck of pa , she plucks out his skin. And beating Pa, Jack tries to pull  him towards the grinding machine, consequently, he is deprived of one hand. Ma removes him from the grinding machine on the spot. Meanwhile, Nina pulls a liver and a moving log hits them throwing into the grinding machine. As a result they are crushed into the smallest pieces. 

Nina and Jack get into their car and drive away. In the last scene, it is revealed that Three finger is still alive. He serves the Mara’s finger as a meal to a distorted child. And the movie ends here with it.

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