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 The time of 1880 is shown as the movie starts. It is the time when the Hopkins family is seduced and brutally murdered. These brutes were not just the certain regular folk, but leaders of Burns’ brother’s mob. Police and Charlie Burns are involved in a gunfight. Consequently, all gang members meet their end except for Charlie and his younger brother Mikey. All are ended. Captain Stanley comes there who says to Charlie, I will release you and your younger brother.

 On one condition, I will forgive all of your sins. Charlie! You will have to kill your elder brother named Arthur. Arthur is a dangerous and satanic-minded man. He is a psychopath who pretends to be a legend to an extent. He is too terrific that his tribe members do not come close to him. They are afraid of him. Being scared, the police also cannot catch him. Because his custody means to put your life at risk. Captain Stanley aims to catch Arthur thinking there would never be peace in Australia until Arthur-like people are alive. People will continue to lose their lives. Captain Stanley keeps Charlie’s younger brother under his supervision. And he allows 9 days to Charlie to kill Arthur after searching.

 He says I will release your brother if you do it. Your brother will be hanged on Christmas day in case of not killing within these 9 days. It means, Charlie has to kill his elder brother to save the life of his younger brother. Captain Stanley is transferred here forcefully so he yearns to eradicate the crime from Australia. Here is also his kind-hearted wife. She cannot bear the cruelty of others. So it is the cause that the captain wants to make this place worth living. So he may live peacefully. Captain Stanley and his wife were the close family friends of the victim Hopkins family. It means,  it was told in the beginning that Hopkins family is murdered violently. They both were their family friends. Otherwise, Captain’s wife often has the dream of that family’s dead wife. As a result, she is very scared. 

After a time, the native of the town get knowledge about the decided deal between Captain and Charlie. Basically, Captain Stanley’s junior officer has leaked the information about this deal. As a result, people start hating the police and especially Captain Stanley. Captain Stanley’s senior officer informs him that Charlie’s younger brother who is in your custody will be flogged 100 times as a punishment. Because he seduced and murdered Hopkins family. Captain is left astonished hearing it, not for this as criminal is innocent rather for this as the punishment of 100 lashes means to be dead.

 Doing so, his committed deal with Charlie will also come to end. Because he has given his words as he will be responsible to get free his younger brother in return for his elder brother’s death. Charlie will take revenge in case of not fulfilling the deal. And his wife’s life will also be at risk. Now Charlie’s younger brother is punished brutally. He is flogged before the people. He is wounded bitterly. Witnessing it, the people do not like to view this punishment more. They do not want to have such punishment. Even they were so excited about his punishment before everyone. Otherwise, Captain’s wife is also fainted, witnessing this punishment. Being wounded, Charlie’s younger brother is fallen down even though he is yet flogged 40 rather than 100. And the lash is soaked into his blood. Captain Stanley cannot bear it more. Pulling that lash, he throws it to his senior officer. And blood on lash touches on the senior officer’s face and dress. As a result, the senior officer suspends Captain Stanley. Meanwhile, Charlie is observed who is on the distance traveling in search of his elder brother Arthur? While drinking, he thinks that what he has to do.

 Charlie encounters an old man during this journey. While conversing, he comes to know that this old man is a bounty hunter. It means such killers who take the lives of the people for money. This bounty hunter is searching for Burns’s brother. Knowing it, Charlie knocks that old man out into unconscious. And he leaves from there. After this, Charlie is shown sleeping on the rock. Here a local man attacks Charlie with a spear, coming there. He attacks the spear on his chest. Before Charlie takes action, gunfire is done heard. And the attacker who assaulted Charlie’s head is bombed by gunfire. Charlie makes it appear in the following scene in the town of his eldest son Arthur.

 He regains consciousness there. This camp is constructed in numerous caves. There are many trained people in the gang of Charlie’s elder brother Arthur. One of them has rescued Charlie, While killing that local man who had attacked Charlie. Charlie’s chest wounds are also recovered to a great extent. Charlie could kill his elder brother Arthur because he finds many chances to do as such. But he still does not kill him. Now the junior officer of Captain Stanley comes on the scene who is near the camp of Arthur in case of a mission? Elder brother Arthur is going to give him the taste of death, coming there. Junior officer says to him, Stop! Your brother Charlie has been sent here for your murder. This conversation is continued here. On the other side, it is shown that old man who is bounty hunter enters the camp and fastens the sleeping Charlie and his companion, using a strip. Arthur comes back to camp after a time. An old bounty hunter is shot at the back side. Arthur begins to agonize him with a knife when he is about to die.

 He tortures him badly. But Charlie kills that old man peacefully coming before him, taking pity on him. Because he does not want him to be agonized by Arthur. Now the time comes when Charlie reveals to his elder brother Arthur, That he has been sent here to murder you but I could not kill you, you are my elder brother. He reveals everything to him. Then they decide to free their younger brother from the prison. Wearing the uniform of police, both brothers Charlie and Arthur approach the police station. So they may look like police officers and enter the prison with no difficulty. Otherwise, they bring their own gang members disguising them the thieves. They enter the prison saying we have been assigned a duty to take these prisoners into the prison. Now they have entered inside. Here they release their younger brother. Taking his younger brother, Charlie comes out of the prison. Charlie’s younger brother is still wounded badly. Because he is suffering the pain of 40 lashes that were hit to him. At last, he loses his breath in the hands of Charlie. While burying him, Charlie’s companion says to him, It was your fault! You should not have to go, leaving your younger brother.

 Now Captain Stanley and his wife are shown at their house. Arthur and his companion arrive here. They start firing the guns at Captain’s house. Entering the house, Arthur takes Captain Stanley into another room while dragging. And he is kicking and punching him in a brutal way. Because Arthur wants to take revenge, killing Captain. Arthur calls his companion who takes Captain’s wife in the same room before them where Captain is in wounded condition. Here Arthur also shoots Captain’s shoulder. while Arthur’s companion tries to seduce Captain’s wife. At the same time, Charlie shoots the seducer, coming near to him. Afterward, Charlie also shoots with a gun twice to his elder brother Arthur. And he says, ‘No More’.

It means that it will not happen more as it has been till now. After this, Arthur is shown stumbling and going outside the house. And he is also wounded. Charlie notices a gun on the table that he could pick up. And he could also kill Arthur with it but he does not do so. And he says to Captain Stanley who is there, I want to be with my brother. Regarding that, Charlie departs the house.

 He enters a small mountain after following the urine path. Charlie sits down beside Arthur, who is also visible. Arthur’s story ”, “You finally put an end to me.” What are you heading to do now? Charlie is silent, and all he could do is keep staring at the setting sun. And the sun of Arthur’s is also setting gradually with the actual setting of the sun. At last, Arthur loses his breaths. Please subscribe and like if you have liked the Proposition’s movie’s explanation. Otherwise, you can also view the other movies on our channel. Thanks for watching.

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