The Poltergeist (2015) Film Explained in Hindi_Urdu _ Horror Poltergeist Reboot Story हिन्दी – English (United States)


At the beginning of the film, it is shown that Eric is travelling with his wife Amy and their three children, Kendra, Griffin, and Madison. They are shifting into their new house. There is an ancient and worst messy tree near it. On the other side Griffin was feeling something strange taking the house and that tree at the beginning. These strange happenings were also occurring with Madison. But as an immature child, she was taking it as a game. 

At the very first day, when she enters her room, someone begins talking with her from the wardrobe. While playing near the cupboard at night, as she touches the handle of it and her hair are stirred. Then Madison also asks Griffin to touch the handle. And he does the same and the same happenings occur with him. But these children take it as a game. While sleeping in his room at night, Griffin is afraid from that tree  which is visible from his room. And he also hears a sound from the house basement and Griffin finds the horrible faced clowns dolls there. Griffin is frightened seeing them and loses his sleep in the room. Then all the lights of the house and electronic devices start fluctuating automatically at midnight. 

Meanwhile, Griffin is awakened hearing the voice of Madison. Hearing her voice, he comes downstairs. He notices Madison stealthily. Madison is in conversation with someone standing before TV. Madison tells Griffin, “These people want to step in,” as she places her hand on the television. Griffin asks, Who wants to come here? Then many hands begin to emerge. Griffin moves ahead for turning off the TV. But a mysterious power drags him backward creating much noise. Hearing that noise, Eric, Amy, Kendra also arrive there. Turning back, Madison says, those people have come there. 

Amy asks Madison on the coming day, You had said last night that those people have come here! Who were those people? Madison replies, They are my friends. They are not illusions but the lost people. Then Griffin finds a piece of human skeleton in the garden. And a ball moves towards him when he is inside the house. After that ball moves towards Madison’s wardrobe moving there magically. Observing it, Griffin is afraid. He tries to escape from there but his way is hindered with the book wall. And the way is also suddenly cleared. Feeling fear,

 Griffin tries to tell Eric and Amy but they ignore him. Because brought gifts of Eric had become a part of everyone’s attention of everyone at that time. Eric and Amy go for dinner to their friends at night while Kendra, Griffin and Madison are alone at home. Where they visit , they know from there that their house has been constructed on the graveyard. On the other side, Kids face the horrible occurrences at home. The strange sound begins to come from Kendra’s mobile with the sign of signals on the mobile’s screen. Kendra sees a scary skeleton ghost. Then appearing hand from floor catches the foot of Kendra as she tries to escape. Kendra is calling someone for help and suddenly the door shuts. Further, All clown dolls start moving and the most horrible clown attacks on Griffin in his room.

 Meanwhile, the branches of trees are breaking the window glass of the room hitting it. Griffin breaks the clown kicking it and escapes. He runs to Madison’s room. She is also frightened and the same tree branches are on her room’s window glass. Griffin tries to escape in fear but is stopped by a mysterious power and does not let him go. Breaking the window glass, those tree branches spread in the room taking Griffin with them. On the other side, the wardrobe  of Madison’s room is opened absorbing all lights of the room. Madison’s toy is also moved inside the wardrobe and Madison chases it inside the wardrobe. Actually many ghosts attract her into it. Amy and Eric reach there at the exact time and find Griffin entangled in the branches of the tree.

 Griffin magically falls down as they approach the tree. Kendra comes outside from the house running and says that Madison is not being found anywhere. They all search Madison throughout the house but she is not found. And television is turned on automatically and Madison’s voice is heard from there. Placing her hand on TV screen, Amy thinks that Madison is inside the TV. Then Madison’s hand is felt on Amy’s hand. Noticing it, they are left surprised with fear. Then Amy visits paranormal Researcher Dr Brook revealing everything before her. Dr Brook comes with her research team members  Wide and Sufi comes to their house. And they get busy in their research. While researching, a chair moves in the air when Wide tries to sit on it. Dr Brook tells that it is not the dominance of common power but it is  poltergeist. These  poltergeists are more dangerous than the other ghost. And they can throw objects to and fro easily. These poltergeists create much noise and coming immediately, they also disappear in the same way. And they are in great numbers.  Setting up the different equipment, they adjust a device GPS so any occurred thing may be recorded. And they contact Madison as soon as possible.

 When Wide goes to drill the wardrobe, something pulls his drill inside. When he steps ahead to pull out the drill then someone pulls his hand inside. And unknown thing drills from inside. And drill bit is nearer Wide’s face then satanic power leaves him. Wide notices the caught sight of someone  on his arm and they magically disappeared. And the made hole in the wall, is also disappeared. Setting up the equipment  in the whole house, they try to contact Madison. On the other side, Amy exerts to contact Madison through television calling her continuously. A Madison’s response is also received by Amy. She says, she is unable to come to them. Amy is sure of the presence of someone with Amy after hearing her.

 All lights are switched off, television is fallen down with the noises of different sounds. Then a dark shadow appears crying in Madison’s voice and runs to her room. Eric runs after it and that sits in the wardrobe of Madison. And going near it, Eric comes to know that it is a ghost disguised as Madison. Immediately, that ghost attacks Eric. Getting furious, Eric breaks the wardrobe wall hitting it with a table. Then that wardrobe wall is broken and emits much light. There is a  doorway inside and Eric throws it inside by hitting with a table. Then an entry again appears in the ceiling of their bedroom from where the same  table  piece falls down coming. Seeing that, Dr.  Brook says, It will be the exit of Madison. And Dr.

 Brook alone will not be enough for it. For it, she calls her ex-husband Carrigan ,expert in the mysterious subjects and the famous personality of television. Carrigan tells after examining, this house has been built on the graveyard so these all dead bodies have become vigorous. And all ghosts have transformed into  poltergeists. And Madison has an inborn ability as a result she can build a relationship with them. So it is the  cause that Madison has been dragged into the other World of  poltergeists by them. Afterward, Wide throws Madison’s wardrobe into the opened doorway tying it with a rope. As Eric’s thrown table had come out from the other doorway, in the same way, the rope is also come out from the other doorway. Here Carrigan’s played trick gets success. Because one side of rope is in the mysterious doorway of Madison’s room while the other is in the living room doorway. Wide gives a tracker to each so that everyone may be tracked. Then Carrigan moves Griffins’ drone with a fixed camera to that mysterious doorway. Many ghosts can be seen as the drone moves inside. And passing from those ghosts, that drone reaches near Madison. So they contact Madison through a drone. Madison also talks with them. 

 Meanwhile, three ghosts take Madison pulling inside when they are telling her the exit from that mysterious way. Then that drone is fallen down. Then Carrigan decides to move inside with the help of rope for bringing Madison out. But Amy shows her willingness to take Madison from inside. All indulge in controversy on this issue of going inside. Sofi notices that Griffin has entered the room of Madison. They all run after Griffin. Then Griffin says, he is the reason for all happenings! If he would have not left Madison there alone, she had not been there! Saying it, he enters the mysterious doorway.

 They catch both sides of the rope as he goes inside for help of Griffin. Griffin moves ahead passing through those ghosts where he also catches the sight of his drone. Then he sees Madison. He says to her, Come with me! But Madison says to him while crying, I will not be  able to come with you! Those ghosts are in the  surroundings of Madison who stop her for going outside. Then those ghosts hold that rope. When the rope is  caught by many ghosts as a result the clasp of rope is detached. But Eric and Carrigan do not lose hold of that rope in the outer place. Contrarily, pulling rope also continues on the part of ghosts. At last, they lose the grip of rope. Griffin notices the rope thinking it will help them to come outside.

 Catching the hand of Madison, Griffin holds the rope which leads to exit. Those ghosts try to stop them. Then a rope comes out from the  exit and later Griffin and Madison. Both kids are senseless. Eric and Amy try their best to restore their consciousness. And they come into senses. All are relaxed seeing them safe and sound. They all praise Griffin because of his bravery. They are leaving  the house to go somewhere. Then Madison tells them, Ghosts are still in the house! They exert a car drive away from there. At the same time, ghosts pull their car inside. Breaking the wall, car moves inside.

 And ghosts again pull Madison to the inner mysterious doorway. Contrarily, all struggle to rescue the life of Madison. Carrigan gets the point that these ghosts will never allow them to go easily.  In order to get rid,  there is the need of Madison’s help. All ghosts are taking Madison inside, coming out from a mysterious doorway. Carrigan commands them to return back and they all move inside. Carrigan steps in that doorway. Knowing, he is only the rescuer of this family except Madison. Eric and his family try to flee from there with it. Then many dead bodies and skeletons arise from their garden and try to stop them. Taking the car of Sufi, they escape. They notice a big bang in the  house  with emitted bright light from its roof which is proceeding towards the sky. They  get understanding and help them, Carrigan has freed that place from the poltergeist. Further, Dr. Brook is searching Carrigan taking help of her team in the house through GPS. 

They did not get Carrigan anywhere. Later they get evidence of the presence of Carrigan through GPS. Then it is shown that Eris and his family are moving into a new house, and there is a mysterious tree nearby. They prefer to leave after observing that tree. Then it is shown that Carrigan and Brook begin their plays once more. It means Carrigan had returned back safely. And Carrigan and Brook are united again. It is the last scene of movie where the movie ends.

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