The Curse of La Llorona (2019) Film Explained in Hindi_Urdu _ Horror Llorona Weeping Woman हिन्दी – English

 In the start of movie a scene from Mexico in 1673 was shown. In which a family is shown which include a husband and wife and their two kids. They were very satisfied with their lives. A kid who was alone was shown who was finding her mother. While finding her mother he comes near a lake, where he finds her mother was killing,

 his brother by sinking him under the water. The child gets much frightened and tries to run from there but her mother follows him, Catches him and take him from there. After this Log Angeles in 1973 is shown. Here Anna named women is shown who lives along with her children’s Samantha and Chris. She was spending  life alone. Because her husband was a police officer who had died. Anna takes care of her children’s and handles all the matters alone.

 Apart from this Anna was also doing job in social services department. The main purpose of this department was to check whether parents were, raising there children’s nicely or not? Anna discovers in the office that a woman named Patricia, whose case has been assigned, to one of his colleagues. This case was handled for many years by Anna. Anna doesn’t like this. Then his boss explains him that already you are under burden. And she also has to take care of her family, alone. 

This was the reason behind handing over that case to some one else. But Anna is still not convinced. She claims to know Patricia and that she has faith in me. And I have seen her children’s raised in front of my eyes. She says, nobody can handle this case nicely except her. Then Anna’s boss agree with her and assign the same case back to her. Then a call was received that Patricia’s children’s were not attending the school. Now Anna had to visit their home. Her boss asks her to take a police officer along with. And Anna reaches to Patricia’s home with a police officer. First of all Patricia forbids anyone to come inside. Then Anna says her that she would come alone inside.

 And then Patricia allows her to come Anna sees that Patricia was horribly terrified. And then she asks her about her children’s. She says that they are fine. But Anna couldn’t see her children’s. Then Anna sees a door on which, many pictures of eyes were drawn. Anna comes closer to the door. But Patricia gets furious on her. She attacks Anna and tries to kill her. Suddenly, the policeman arrives and he takes Patricia in custody. And during this Anna removes key from Patricia’s neck. And Patricia asks her to not open the door but Anna opens the door. There were Patricia’s two children’s inside the door. 

They both were very frightened. They ask Anna to lock the door otherwise he would kill us. Anna never understands that those kids were talking about La llorona. After that those kids were sent to child service shelter. Anna sees a burnt sign on their hands. The children then respond that she was the one who did it. Anna was still unable to understand that whom they were talking about. After that Anna moves back to her home But La llorona kills Patricia children’s. By sinking them in water. But while sinking them La llorona was constantly weeping. That is the reason why she has been named as weeping women. Anna receives a call informing her that Patricia’s children have drowned in water.

 Anna reaches out there and ask her kids to stay in the car. She parks the car away so that her children’s may not know about the incident. Anna just reaches near the dead bodies that Patricia comes there. She says to Anna that you have killed my children’s. And says only one night was left after which she was about to spare us. Anna inquires her that from whom? Patricia replies, ‘From La llarona’. After which police takes Patricia. In the car Samantha fells asleep while Chris was awake. He moves out of the car and reaches to the dead bodies slightly, where he listens someone crying. 

This was no other but La llorona. Who was calling Chris and suddenly disappears from there. Then suddenly she reaches to Chris and holds his hand that gets burnt. And Chris develops the same sign of burning in his and as was on Patricia’s children’s. Chris becomes much frightened. He comes back to the car but La llorona reaches out. And starts frightening him. La llorona also tries to ome inside the car. Then Anna comes there and take them back to home. Next morning Anna comes to church and he sees Doctor named Rafael Olvera standing. He was recovering people with his magic, after which they get recovered. Anna asks father about La llorono and father tells him eveything about La llorona. Samantha who was playing in her home also sees La llorona. La llorona holds Samantha’s hand and make her curese too.

 After which burning sign appears on her hand. Anna comes home and she sees Samantha who was much frightened. Anna asks about burning injury on her hands and she lies, that i fell some where. Here a Detective named Cooper visits Anna’s home who was her husband’s friend. Cooper tells Anna that police has doubt on Patricia that she has killed her kids. Patricia, however, and witnesses claim that she was present in church at the time of the murder. Cooper gives file to Anna so that he could gather  information about Patricia’s case. Then we see Rafael who was at Patricia home and collects La llorona tears. At night Anna was seeing Patricia’s file that she observes someone’s sigh. When she goes out, she sees Chris was walking there and main door opens by itself.

 And it appears that some magical power has entered within. Anna makes Chris to sleep and finds Samantha. At the same time someone thrashes papers of Patricia file to the floor. Then Anna understands that there is someone else present in the room. Then she sees suddenly that La llororna was present in Samantha’s room. Before she could do something , door shuts by itself and Lllorona comes to her room. Anna asks her to leave that Samantha and Chris enter the room. Anna makes them to sleep on her be, but remains awake the whole night. Because she couldn’t sleep. Anna goes to meet Patricia.

 But Patricia holds Anna responsible for her children’s death. Anna also sees burnt sign on Patricia hands. Patricia tells that La llorona did this. Now Anna would also listen her children’s crying and she will take them along her. Patricia also tells that i have asked La llorona to give my children’s back.

 And in return take Anna’s children’s. Chris hears some one crying. First of all La llorona scares him and then take him down the stairs. But Anna appears and takes him to the hospital. When doctor sees burnt sign on Chirs’s hand he calls to department of social services. At night Cooper and Donna who were Anna’s colleagues visit her home. And they want to check whether or not Anna abuses her Children’s. Whether she torture her children’s or not. Then Anna asks Chris about La llorona. Then he tells everything about La llorona. On the other hand La llorona was drowning Samantha in water but Anna reaches there. And saves her. After that La llorona also curses Anna.

 And Anna becomes successful , escaping from there along with her children’s. Anna attends church to meet her father, and her father tells her about the Annabelle doll. That when he was bringing Anna bell doll then Anna bell boll injured him And he also tells that such things carry devils power. And church will help them but to take services from church many weeks can pass. But Anna doesn’t have much time and father recommends her Rafael. Anna takes her children’s to Rafael who denies to help them at first. But for some reasons, due to kids he becomes willing to help them.

 Rafael takes everything which can be helpful in this process along with him. And using his magical mats and with the help of eggs he tries to find about magical powers. When eggs were broken. They were black inside which means devil power is present. Rafael ties his magic equipment’s across the home. As night was about to prevail. And powers of La llorona increase at night. Rafael uses all his equipment’s and words  to save Anna and her children’s. Rafael guides Chris about the cross which was made from fire tree. And when La llorona was killing her children’s then only fire trees witness that. Fire trees were weeping at that moment. Fire tress were the only proof of this.

 In front of which all the powers of Anna shades away. Rafael tells that this is a powerful devil and we all should fight together. Then he uses his magical words to clean La llorona tears. So that he could use that against her. When night arrives they receive message of La llorona coming. And Rafael keeps Anna and her both kids in a circle of candles. Then La llorona sneezes and due to her evil powers all the candles blow off. La llorona attacks Anna first and then she attacks Chris. La llorona drags Chris outside but Rafael holds him. And he throws those tears to La llorona’s face. As tears fall upon her face it starts burning but she is still alive. She was not finishes. Rafael puts fire trees seeds near the door. She can’t come inside due to presence of these seeds.

 She gets furious and tries to come inside from the back side. And they all try to close the back door. La llorona put this trap so that the all could focus on the back door. So that she could come in easily. then she tries to drag Samantha with her doll. Samantha sees her doll outside the door and she goes to pick her. Samantha takes care of seeds that she may not cross, that Anna reaches there. She forbids Anna to carry doll and runs closer to her. But Samantha touches her doll. As she tries to drag her she breaks seeds line. During this La llorona drags Samantha out and the door shuts by itself. La llorona tries to kill Samantha by drowning her under water. But Anna reaches there to save her. 

She also jumps into the water. As Anna tries to approach Samantha to save her La llorona attacks her too. And tries to kill her also. Then Rafael reaches out there and cleans the pool with his magic. After which La llorona had to leave the pool and Anna and Samantha were saved. We see Anna who was carrying La llorona  locket and they take Samantha inside. Samantha tries to go outside .Rafael tells that La llorana has taken her under control. And whenever La Llorona called her.

 She would approach her. Rafael tells that we should save these kids until La llorona leaves us. Anna locks her children’s inside the cupboard like Patricia did before. On the other hand La llorona was still waiting outside for the kids. Anna shows Rafael that locket she took out from La llorona’s neck. Rafael asks Anna to keep it saves. We would use this against her. After a while a women crosses that seed line and approaches to children’s. This was Samantha who thinks if she hands over Chris and Samantha to Lallorona,

 Then she would return her children’s back to her. Rafael tries to stop Patricia but she shoots him and kill him. And breaks the seeds line. Now La llorona gets opportunity to come inside home. As she comes inside she attacks Anna and throws her to basement. And its door gets locks by itself. Then she closes all the doors of room. So that kids may not go outside. Chris picks up the locket and goes upward. Chris and Samantha hide themselves in store and La llorona also reaches there. 

La llorona was about to kill them that Chris shows her locket to her. When she saw her locket in his hands. La llorona transforms into a regular lady. La llorona took that locket from her children and she touches Chris as her child. Then she starts weeping. Now Patricia also understands her mistake. She breaks out the lock for Anna. Anna runs upward. And Rafael also arrives there who was never died.

 On the other hand when La llorona was holding Chris and weeping. Then the cloth that was covering the mirror flees. And when she sees herself in mirror she becomes witch again. And the mirror breaks up. La llorona pulls Chris up and throws him outside. During this Anna reaches there and Chris and Samantha come closer to her. When La llorona tries to approach them for killing. Rafael throws Fire tree cross there. Anna picks that cross and penetrates it into La llorona’s body. Due to that cross La llorona gets vanished. And everything gets normal. And the movie ends here.

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